Comparing Digital Phones to Other Services

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Comparing Digital Phones to Other Services

Voice Over Internet Protocol, or VOIP, internet phone service is very popular among many different industries. There are constantly new breakthroughs in the world of telecommunications, and because the general populace has continued to embrace this new technology, VOIP providers have found themselves battling for new subscribers. This is great for consumers because it lowers the cost of their VOIP services since service providers try to undercut their competition. Service providers are also continually adding more features to their service packages.

Traditional phone companies are losing their customers rapidly due to VoIP. To try to retain them, these companies have started offering plans with unlimited long distance calls and other perks. However, they are still losing the battle, as many people find it more practical to switch to digital phones due to the many features they offer.

Among the many subscribers to digital phones are cable television companies. These companies work…

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