How to Debug SIP

SIP Adventures

When I was younger I had two careers in mind – a college professor or a radio disc jockey.   For better or worse, I ended up being a software developer at a telecommunications company.  I can’t complain too much, though.  I worked on a number of really cool projects.  I’ve traveled all around the world on the company dime.  My name sits in the U.S. patent office along with Thomas Edison and the inventor of the Whoopee Cushion.  Still, while I’ve lost interest in being a DJ, I continue to feel the call to teach.

Thankfully, I do have an opportunity to periodically stand in front of a bunch of students and play professor.  While it’s not the same as tenure at an Ivy League university, I am able to develop curriculum and impart  knowledge to willing pupils.

I am talking about the SIP class that I teach every few…

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