How to make and receive calls using Google Voice without XMPP

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I.    Introduction

Around 2010, before Asterisk 1.8 and Gtalk, I did some work to set up calls using Google Voice with callback through a DID channel.  I didn’t touch it for quite some time because gtalk with XMPP works very well.  Since Google is going to drop XMPP protocol in May 2014, people started to looking into the old fashioned way again.  Following approaches described in this blog ( and others’ comments, especially from those by davidnewt, I did some experiments and the set-up is pretty stable now.  I think it will be worthwhile to share with people have the same interest.  Below, I will describe the steps-by-step implementation of such an approach and what I have learned in the process.

The platform that I prefer most is Dockstar, which is an ARM based box, running Debian.  However, since it is no longer widely available, I repeated the installation…

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