Three Essential Telephony Services for Your Business


If you look back a few decades ago, the average corporate phone system was rather simple, involving a switchboard and several desk phones around the workplace. These days though, new technological developments have combined with greater competition to create an environment in which the simple telephony service of the past has evolved into a very different character. If you’re confused about which options to take, here are three of the best to benefit your business.

pbxHosted IP PBX Services

In the past, a large business would have to invest in an expensive private branch exchange (PBX): a system of telephones, switchboards & cables that ran throughout the office. These required external contractors for repair and maintenance as the typical corporate employee wouldn’t have the technical experience.

Needless to say, this was a bulky, inefficient option that has now been replaced by the hosted IP PBX service which requires no setup…

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