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Cisco (Executing Cisco Advanced Business Value Analysis and Design Techniques) exam are necessary since it distinguishes you from the ordinary job hunting or jobless characters. Each particular person strives to get Cisco (Executing Cisco Advanced Business Value Analysis and Design Techniques) employed in one particular way or the other regardless with all the kind of employment or in the mode in which she or he is employed. A number of people usually do Proctored Exams for Validating Knowledge certification courses which imply that they are going to need to sit for the many Cisco (Executing Cisco Advanced Business Value Analysis and Design Techniques)…

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Cisco Study in Wisconsin

Dr. Derek H. Ogle

Wisconsin scientists are studying the distribution and density of Cisco (aka Lake Herring and Tullibee) in inland lakes in Wisconsin.  The Cisco in these lakes have never been comprehensively examined and there is also concern that they will be among the first fish to be negatively affected by climate change.   A brief summary of the on-going research can be read here.  A summary of a pre-cursor study is here.

Photo: cisco fish Photo by John Lyons

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BPM and its influence on Cloud: Infrastructure as service

The Cloud View

Cisco, Microsoft and Neapp Jointly produced a system called opalis (Workflow) in 2012.

Data centre System process interactions can be configured depending on user need on Opalis and rules can be set up for those interactions. Read previous blog more about BPM and internet of things:
Opalis, Which essentially provide a workflow to dynamically create,monitor,deploy a Machine instance , allocate OS instance, (just like in Nebula, or Eucalyptus ) and User also can request (specific machine with RAM, CPU, storage space).
Microsoft provide all OS /software instance, Neapp provide SAN or and storage required on , Cisco provide Server , Nexus switches boxes.
ts integrated with Microsoft SCMM System centre Manager (used to creating private cloud on Microsoft technologies and a single User Interface to administer whole
Orchestration are discussed in previous blog in case of opalis its architecture llooks like this
Read: opalis blog

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Inter-AS L3VPN Option B

Packet Corner

In this post, we are going to go through the implementation and verification steps of Inter-AS Option B (defined in RFC4364 ). Please refer to previous post Inter-AS Options to for the definitions, and differences of the three.

In option B implementation, ASBRs themselves are PE routers. They learn VPN-IPv4 routes from other PEs from the same AS via MP-iBGP (either directly or via Route Reflectors). The ASBR from one AS then have an eBGP session(s) with other AS ASBR to redistribute the VPN-IPv4 routes to the other AS. The later ASBR then redistributes those VPN-IPv4 labeled routes to the rest of the PEs belonging to that AS.



In this topology, we use Cisco IOS routers (R1 – R3) in AS100, as well as Juniper routers (R4 – R6) in AS200, just for demonstration of configuration and verification on both platforms. Typically for connectivity beween ASes, one eBGP…

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Why Sales Is Important in Any IT Company ?

Danny Insight

By Daniel Chokoe


Most businesses exist because they want to make money, income can be made through the sale of services or products.

It is a fact that selling is a skill that anyone can learn, although not everyone can master it. IT organizations tend to have individuals who are more techie-driven and do not necessarily have that selling instinct in them. A developer might be presenting the best software ever developed yet no one might be interested in it, that is purely because he is not properly skilled for such a role hence a sales department is required in every IT SME organization.

Sales people excel in making even the simplest feature sound exciting, they have the ability to convince you that you need their product.

I have been fulfilling a role as an Account Manager on S2B program at Microsoft, although I am a qalified IT specialist I…

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CUCM Switch between partition or version after upgrade

FRGTech Blog

When you upgrade a Cisco CUCM, before to launch the upgrade the system ask you if you want to restart on the new version or keep the current version and restart later.

Indeed, it’s a convenient way to limit service interruption and it’s easy to manage. Rollback is also easier to achieve.

Here some useful command for checking :

Check active version :
admin:show version active
Active Master Version:
Active Version Installed Software Options:
admin:show version
      show version active
      show version inactive
Check inactive version :
admin:show version inactive
Inactive Master Version:
Inactive Version Installed Software Options:
No Installed Software Options Found.
Switch from inactive to active version :
admin:utils system switch-version Active Master Version: Inactive Master Version: If you are switching to an earlier release, you must run:…

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Fostering the Innovation Ecosystem with Greater Halifax Partnership

Cisco Canada Blog

It’s Thursday May 22nd in Halifax. A little foggy, but Spring is in the air. A great day to start fostering innovation ecosystems.

The Greater Halifax Partnership (GHP) just released its 2014 Halifax Index: a detailed report on the state of the economy for Halifax and recommendations for growth and future direction. The report was released amidst an exciting new conversation about empowering community stakeholder ecosystems that will fuel innovation and productivity for the City and region.

GHP has taken on the task as “curator” for this innovation ecosystem in Halifax. As curator, GHP (on behalf of, and with the City of Halifax) will facilitate the discussions and empower all the participants in this collaborative network to collectively identify and pursue projects that will support the community’s economic growth, environmental sustainability, and social excellence. 

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