Redistribution and Route-Maps (part 2)

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In part two of this post I will explain how to make use of route-maps to influence the redistribution process of routing protocols.

First take a look again at the network topology.
Network Layout

As can be seen the redistribution point is between R4 and R5. The actual redistribtion configuration is done on R5.
With the configuration made in part 1 of this post, all routes are known to all routers in the topology. For whatever reason, sometimes you don’t want that all routes are vissible. This is where a route-map comes in handy.
With the use of route-maps I can influence a lot of things, like traffic flow and in this case the redistribution of routes.

Let’s assume the network administrator wants to exclude the ip-address of router R7 ( from the routing table in the OSPF cloud. To make this happen the next configuration has to be made.

First of…

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