Tips on how to write a professional research paper

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In this article I have compiled a few critical points that I have learnt in writing professional research papers. This post will be updated as I find/learn new tricks in future.

These points are particularly useful for the researchers in computer science/engineering area. However, some of these points can be broadly applied to any scientific paper in any research area.

  1. Pay particular attention to references. Keep them as complete and consistent as possible. Reviewer care about references. They would like to see their papers have been cited neatly. Readers also care about it. They sometimes judge the quality of the paper based on the quality of the organization in the paper.
  2. Writing is so important. there are many points regarding writing. However, the minimum is that be consistent across the paper about the terms and tenses you use. Be specific! avoid general terms such as “some” or “in this situation” instead be…

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