Extracting voicemails, prompts, etc. from Cisco Unity Express (CUE) backups


There is very little explaining how to do this, so I thought I would add what I’ve learned.  We’ve been doing a painful move from a UC560 that never worked very well to FreePBX that’s a lot cheaper and works better.

You have to log into CUE (via the CME « service-module Integrated-Service-Engine 0/0 session » command), then set the backup server and run the offline backup procedure.

CUE backups are basically postgres databases.  If you can FTP the backups from CUE to your machine and strip off the top 16 lines of junk that Cisco adds, you can use pg_restore to restore them and extract the data in a usable format.

Here’s how I imported the VoiceMail backup (you need to run as user postgres) – this gets voicemail greetings as well as saved messages:

tail -n +16 VoiceMail_1.backup > VoiceMail_1.backup.new && pg_restore -C VoiceMail_1.backup.new | psql

Once they were loaded…

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