HP reportedly mulling purchase of Aruba Networks


Well, it’s been a while since Hewlett-Packard made a really big acquisition but it sounds like the IT giant is shaking off the post-Autonomy jitters: it’s weighing a purchase of Aruba Networks, according to Bloomberg.

[company]Aruba Networks[/company], Sunnyvale, Calif.,  provides Wi-Fi access gear at big indoor and outdoor venues — malls, hotels, university campuses,  conference centers etc.

The move would give [company]HP[/company], which already offers its own « converged campus networking » gear, a bigger footprint in wireless mobile, a hot market, that could grow even hotter as more businesses and consumers use Wi-Fi to take some of the pressure off overloaded cellular networks. This acquisition would be reminiscent of Cisco’s purchase of Meraki a little over two years ago for $1.2 billion.

Aruba is one of the leaders in enterprise Wi-Fi so an HP purchase would give it more ammo to go after rival [company]Cisco[/company] in the WLAN market, according…

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Can we trust crypto-currencies?

Financial Services – Regulation & Risk

It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a currency system seeking successful adoption must be in want of trust. Trust that a representation of value, such as a paper note, is backed by real value or a genuine obligation to repay; trust that those representations will be accepted by others as such; and trust that the representations of value are not counterfeit.

Early currencies were actual coins made of precious metals, which people trusted to have an intrinsic value that they could use to obtain goods or services. Today, most countries use fiat currencies which have no intrinsic value and are not tied to any physical value such as precious metals. Instead, fiat currencies are backed by government guarantee – entirely lacking in physicality and intrinsic value, fiat currency demands ultimate trust – writes Mark Deem, Partner at Cooley LLP, London, @ payments cards and mobile. The full article is available

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