TVO Market Barometer 3/12/15

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TVO MB 3-12-15b

Yesterday’s shift toward heavier up volume continued today, but with only a nudge higher of volume overall. So we have begun to see some accumulation, but a ship with no sail can only stay at sea for so long. SPY has filled the gap and if we’re keeping with the market’s current policy of « No gap left unfilled, » then the NASDAQ is looking to fill one going up, while the Russell… Well let’s just say in the event of a smack down, you know right where it’s headed. And the bulls are rooting for a bad news rally, when its been made clear that the market has already made up it’s mind about the rate hike (and a lot of other things), and will need a lot more than a few bad economic numbers to change course… so bulls beware. The trap has been set. -MD

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