GitHub triumphant over its ‘largest ever’ cyber pummeling


The popular code-sharing and blogging site GitHub earlier this week seems to have successfully staved off a nearly week-long traffic onslaught on its systems. Enduring a massive distributed denial of service attack, or DDoS attack—what cyber savants call it when a website’s servers gets flooded with traffic in an attempt to cause a disruption—the site’s status team tweeted on Tuesday morning three triumphant words.

GitHub described the attack, which began late at night on March 25 and lasted, for the most part, till Tuesday morning, as « the largest » attack of its kind in the site’s history. Someone close to the matter tells Fortune that the attack has decreased in intensity since then and that the site has been able to mitigate it well currently.

Although GitHub has not attributed the attack, it did announce in a blog post last week…

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