Uber just made it easier to be a deaf driver


Uber on Thursday unveiled updates to its app to better accommodate deaf drivers.

The special features, being tested in Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Washington, D.C., are flipped on by drivers. Once activated, drivers will see a flashing light—in addition to an audio notification—to indicate a new trip request. Passengers won’t be able to call deaf or hard-of-hearing drivers; they’ll only be able to relay special pick-up directions by text. Passengers will receive a notification that their driver is deaf or heard-of-hearing, and they’ll get an extra prompt to input their destination.

Thursday’s announcement could be seen as an attempt by Uber to improve its reputation or gain a competitive edge. Disabled passengers have sued Uber in the past for discrimination. One lawsuit by the National Federation of the Blind of California, for example, says an UberX driver stuffed a blind passenger’s guide dog in the trunk and refused…

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Google launches its Apple Pay competitor, Android Pay


At its I/O developer conference on Thursday, Google shared more details on its mobile payments plans and revealed a new product: Android Pay.

Android Pay allows users of mobile phones equipped with Google’s mobile operating system, Android, to upload any credit or debit card to a « mobile wallet » on their phone. They can then use their phone to pay for goods at more than 700,000 retail stores in the U.S. that have point-of-sale registers equipped with near field communication technology, known as NFC. The result? A one-touch digital payment.

Participating retailers include Whole Foods, Macy’s, and Walgreens.

On its surface, Android Pay looks a lot like Apple Pay, which launched last year to allow consumers to pay for items by touching their iPhone to a retailer’s point-of-sale device. As with Apple’s offering, developers can use the Android Pay system to power payments within their apps. For example Lyft, the on-demand…

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What do entrepreneurs and world explorers have in common?


The Leadership Insider network is an online community where the most thoughtful and influential people in business contribute answers to timely questions about careers and leadership. Today’s answer to the question “What advice would you give someone looking to start their own business?” is by Bryan Johnson, founder of OS Fund.

Over 100 years ago, Sir Ernest Shackleton was in a world of trouble. The veteran polar explorer had sailed off for Antarctica, on a daring mission to cross the continent on foot. But before he ever got there, in early 1915, his ship–the Endurance–became trapped in ice.

the EnduranceThe Endurance beset, full sail.Photograph by Frank Hurley

I’ve always been in awe of Shackleton’s expedition. But it wasn’t until growing my own business that I began to appreciate the parallels between being an entrepreneur and an explorer. Here are a few lessons entrepreneurs can draw from the disastrous (and…

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You can buy Michael Jackson’s Neverland Ranch


The world-famous former home of pop star Michael Jackson is now on the market.

Neverland Ranch, now known more mundanely as Sycamore Valley Ranch, is up for sale for a cool $100 million, according to the Wall Street Journal. Jackson bought the 2,700-acre estate in Los Olivos, Calif. for $19.5 million in 1987 and lived there until the mid-2000s, when financial troubles forced him to leave the location.

Unfortunately, the amusement park rides and zoo animals that made Neverland Ranch famous are now gone, though there is still at least one llama on the premises for some reason. The train station and railroad tracks that Jackson built are also still on the property.

Don’t expect this to become the next Graceland, though. The person selling the ranch is specifically looking for a buyer who doesn’t plan to turn the place into a museum for the singer.

“We’re not going…

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Vox thinks like a platform, makes its card-stack « explainers » embeddable


When Vox first launched last year—the site that was founded by former Washington Post writer Ezra Klein, that is, not its parent company Vox Media—Klein tried to make it clear that he wasn’t interested in becoming just another digital-news site chasing whatever clickbait or viral video was going around. Instead, he wanted to focus on doing « explanatory journalism, » by giving readers an easy way to follow an ongoing story, get background about related issues and put it all in some kind of context.

Now, the site has unveiled a new feature that allows other media outlets to take advantage of the work it has done stockpiling explanatory information on a variety of topics. It has made these « card stacks, » as it calls them, embeddable so that anyone can easily plug them into a story, and it has signed a partnership with the newspaper chain McClatchy to do a trial run…

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Revealed: Big players on stage at Most Powerful Women London


What happens when some of Europe’s most fascinating and provocative women leaders gather in the same room to swap ideas, insights and roadmaps to life at the top? You’ll find out June 15-16 at this year’s Fortune Most Powerful Women International Summit in London.

Four years ago, Fortune decided to go international with the same recipe that made its MPW Summit in the U.S. the preeminent annual gathering for influential women in business and other fields such as government, philanthropy, media and sports. London was Fortune‘s first international stop. This year, the MPW International Summit will be the most star-studded yet, with a mix of prominent names and topics tied to Fortune‘s 2015 MPW theme “Leading With Purpose.”

In one of her first interviews since taking the helm of Santander Group from her late father, Spain’s Ana Botín will reveal how she’s shaking up a staid institution—and moving…

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Office Lens for Android is ready to scan your documents


Office Lens for Android on a Nexus 5

Need to quickly capture that taxi receipt, or the notes from a meeting? You can now pull out your Android phone to do it. After several weeks of testing, Microsoft has released the finished version of Office Lens for Google-powered devices. As a recap, Office Lens’ party trick is its ability to scan all kinds of documents (even at less-than-ideal angles) and translate them into usable files on OneDrive and OneNote — it’ll even make text searchable. The complete Lens app should work on a wide range of devices, so you’ll definitely want to swing by Google Play if you’re eager to give this scanner a spin.

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