Can Microsoft convince IT pros to make the tricky transition to the cloud?


Given the hype, you might think that all applications and data in the universe are now sitting in someone’s cloud. But you would be wrong. The corporate world is at the beginning of the cloud computing era and tons of applications—especially those at the largest businesses—still run in server rooms or data centers operated by the companies in question.

And, that fact, along with pre-existing relationships with information technology (IT) pros who manage all of it, give Microsoft [fortune-stock symbol= »MSFT »] a big advantage over born-in-the-cloud providers, according to CEO Satya Nadella.

Thousands of companies run Microsoft SQL Server databases, SharePoint file sharing, Exchange email, System Center management, and other services on their premises. « I don’t think of my server business as somehow old-school legacy. I actually think of the server as the edge of my cloud, » Nadella said in an interview last week with Fortune.

All of this will…

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