CEO Daily: Tuesday, May 5th


Is 20 years too long to be CEO of a big company? Very few last that long these days, but Cisco’s John Chambers, who announced he is stepping down in July, is one of the few who has. In an interview with Fortune’s Susie Gharib last month, he talked about the challenges of leading the networking company through at least five different disruptions in the business. « You’ve got to have the courage to see things coming and make changes before it is obvious to others, » Chambers said. He attributed his own ability to lead through change in part to his experience overcoming dyslexia as a child, and learning « to make a weakness a strength. »

Separately, are you looking to hire « digital natives »? Be careful. Some lawyers now say that’s a code word for age discrimination.

Enjoy the day! And if you have some free time, read Dick Stolley’s…

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