The Battle Over Bitcoin (Hint: It’s Not About Bitcoin)

Libertarian Money

US_Security_and_Exchange_Commission_Office_photo_D_Ramey_LoganImage Source

The regulation of bitcoin has been a relatively hot topic for the last year or two. Government officials are trying to pool their marbles together to try and find an effective way to regulate bitcoin. Some major bitcoin participants going out of their way to help in this process. Despite this help, there isn’t all that much anyone can do to regulate bitcoin at this time (short of major structural changes.)

Bitcoin is virtually mainstream now. Sure, it hasn’t come into mainstream use yet. It’s just in the mainstream vocabulary. Businesses absolutely love it. While it can end up costing huge sums of money to just move money around in the traditional banking system, bitcoin can cost virtually nothing for the same transaction. Over 100,000 merchants around the world accept bitcoin. Currently bitcoin has a market cap of over 3 billion dollars.

As you can imagine, banking executives…

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